When, Where, How, Who and Why the fuck? (A Bio)

David Max emigrated to Switzerland in 2008. After finishing a 5 year tenure as guitarist and songwriter in Genesis P-Orridges psych and futurist collective known as Psychic TV, David struck out on his own. David's past was filled with psychedelic adventures, musical and otherwise. He played for almost 10 years in the semen-ill space rock band, Tadpoles, from NYC. He had worked along side many of the pioneers of drone and dream music over the years including Sonic Boom, and Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, but was ultimately interested in finding a new form for his musical demons. David met Nick Nobody in a guitar store basement in 2009, in Basel, Switzerland. (The same town where Albert Hoffmann made his discovery). An amazing young player, Nick shared many of Davids influences and together they decided to begin making electric folk music. Simple Psychedelic Pleasures was the first group of recordings that David made while in Switzerland. Mind Expansion Records out of Chicago released the recording, giving David and Nick a platform to begin forming Sons of the Void. A full band was put together and the songs on SPP were gigged extensively throughout Switzerland in 2010 and 11. Shortly thereafter, a new group of songs began to take shape. While David focused intensly on the recording, Nick spent alot of time playing with other people including a project with Sarah Reid called Nobody Reads, and his ever continuing adventure with Sweet n Tender Hooligans. David and Nick established a recording studio in Basel called Logical Magic Recordings to capture their songs and sounds. Here they are finishing up the debut record from Sons of the Void. Stay Tuned!