David Max accompanies Antenna Tony Monorail

I have been playing for the past year or so with a great artist here in Basel, Antenna Tony Monorail. Antenna Tony is an original songwriter whos primary instrumentation is the Jewz Harp and Suitcase kick drum with various percussive instruments attached to his shoes, but also plays the Harmonica, 6 String and Ukulele. Coming from an American Blues and Folk based inspiration, Tony creates a unique music that crosses these traditional musics with punk rock, psych rock and Ween-esque whimsy. My effected and aggressive style suits his music well, and we have been having alot of fun gigging around Switzerland as well as beginning to write together. We played the 2013 Hill Chill festival, as well as opening for the Lombego Surfers, Bianca Story, Roy and the Devils Motorcycle and others. I hope to do some recordings at Logical Magic with Tony, soon.